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Frequently Asked Questions About Mentoring

A COACHD mentor is someone who can help you grow your skills, make better decisions, and gain new perspectives on your personal life and career ambitions. COACHD mentors have vast professional experience as senior leaders, with expert knowledge in several areas, including, Therapy (Health & Well-being), Coaching, Personal Development, Work and Career, Training & Education, Entrepreneurship, Business start-up, Modern Digital Marketing, Personal Brand, Product Development, Money Management, Wealth Creation and more.

By leveraging their experience and guidance in your personal and professional life, now and in the future, rather than learning through trial and error, a COACHD mentor is a person you can look to for direction, and a role model worthy of imitation.

COACHD Mentoring covers eight different mentoring styles, each to suit your specific circumstances and requirements. Our versatile approach to pairing mentoring styles helps you get more out of your mentoring experience. Below is a brief description of our mentoring styles. We’ll help you determine which of these styles suits you best during your FREE Consultation Call.

1. Advisor

Advisors are mentors who advise and often direct their mentees on the right course of action, using their first-hand experience and expertise to offer relevant knowledge and advice. Advisors are ideal for mentees looking to follow a similar or the same career path as their mentor.

2. Protector

Protectors are mentors who create a safe space for the mentee. They are supportive but avoid being overprotective. Protector types are ideal for mentees who are experiencing a higher amount of stress as part of their transition.

3. Coach

Mentors who are also trained coaches are expert listeners, as such, they will encourage you to do most of the talking while helping you pinpoint ways to solve your problems. They can identify possible challenges that mentees will face and will easily spot positive and weak traits in mentees, encouraging the mentee to build on the positive characteristics and challenge the negative traits. COACHD also have specialist COACHD Method Coaching™ programmes for clients that suit this mentorship style.

4. Networker

A Networker provides growth and learning opportunities for mentees. Once they have familiarised themselves with the areas the mentee wants to develop, they will make introductions via their extensive network, and connect them with experts in the most relevant and supportive areas.

5. Challenger

Challenger types focus on helping their mentees develop strong problem-solving skills, and they often use tough love. We match these types of mentors with mentees looking for someone who is a straight shooter, that will push the mentee further, helping them develop independence and encouraging them to aim high.

6. Clarifier

Clarifiers act more like a companion to the mentee. They will use their knowledge to help mentees better understand their environments, including work and business settings, organisational values, and politics. We match clarifiers with our more independent mentees who don’t need a large amount of direction. Clarifier-type mentors will encourage their mentees to solve their own problems before sharing an opinion.

7. Sponsor

Sponsors advocate for their mentees through their position in the company they work for and their vast network. Mentees looking for someone to help them advance in a similar setting or organisation can benefit significantly from a sponsor-style mentor.

8. Affirmer

Affirmers are great listeners for mentees. They are happy to talk through tough situations and worried feelings at length and have a deep understanding and empathy for the mentee's situation. Mentees looking for a mentor who can offer regular support and a listening ear will benefit from an affirmer type.

Online Mentoring is equally as effective as in-person mentoring, if not more so.

A primary difficulty for people in remote or hybrid locations can be isolation. Online mentoring facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships almost anywhere and at any time. Building rapport from within your own environment is safe, easy, and convenient. Additionally, conversations and connections are more relaxed, meaningful, and refreshing in a one-on-one online remote mentoring relationship. Mentees build an authentic relationship with their COACHD mentor based on a mutual desire to grow, free from external judgement, distraction, and interruption.

COACHD Mentoring can be applied to both individual and group settings. Small or large group sessions, workshops or speaking engagements can create powerful shifts that impact the performance and well-being of your employees, teams, and communities.

We generally recommend a minimum age of 11 years old for COACHD Mentoring but are happy to discuss this with the parent or legal guardian. There is no maximum age for COACHD Mentoring.

Even experts need mentors, no matter your age or expertise, everyone benefits from mentorship.

For more information about COACHD Mentoring packages and pricing, please complete our form using THIS LINK to schedule a FREE Consultation Call.