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Frequently Asked Questions About Counselling

Because COACHD Clinic uses many of the most profound therapy insights, tools, and techniques in the treatment of its clients, COACHD Counselling has the distinct advantage of accessing these same expertise, tools, and techniques, helping you discover faster, more powerful, permanent ways of dealing with your emotional issues and challenges, beyond the scope of traditional counselling services.

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COACHD Counselling is for anyone who is experiencing repeated emotional problems that are interfering with their day-to-day life. Do any of the symptoms below apply to you?

- Feeling anxious
- Generally feeling overwhelmed with everything
- Overthinking and feeling as though you’re unable to switch off from your thoughts
- Feeling low and more tearful than usual
- Getting angry more easily or struggling to regulate your emotions
- Sleeping more or less than usual
- Eating more or less than usual
- Avoiding socialising with other people
- Uninterested in activities or hobbies you used to enjoy doing
- Struggling at work, university or school
- Feeling hopeless and as though there’s no way out
- Using substances such as drugs or alcohol to help you get through the day
- Having thoughts of harming yourself or feeling as though you don’t want to be here anymore

These symptoms may be a sign of an existing condition such as depression, anxiety, or addiction, or they may have started for no apparent reason. Alternatively, it may be that you’ve recently gone through a particularly stressful or traumatic event in your life, which is impacting how you’re feeling today.

Whatever the cause, if these problems or emotions negatively impact your well-being and affect your ability to function in your daily life, it’s important you get help. COACHD Counselling can help you overcome your mental health issues and take back control so that you can live the life you want most. Book a FREE Consultation Call to start your COACHD Counselling recovery.

COACHD Counselling gives you the time and space to work through your problems. Our combined therapy approach will help you gain a different perspective on your problems and issues, beyond the scope of normal counselling services. COACHD Counselling provides a safe, non-judgmental, and respectful environment for your recovery, helping you regain a sense of well-being and balance in your life.

Here are 10 key benefits that you may experience from COACHD Counselling:

- A Different Perspective
- Self-Discovery
- Beat Self-Destructive Behaviours
- Relief from Mental Health Issues
- Enhanced Self-Esteem
- Improved Communication
- Manage Emotions
- Manage and Alleviate Stress
- Improved Decision Making
- Conflict Resolution

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At COACHD we understand that your first counselling session might feel intimidating, particularly if you've never seen a therapist before. It’s not at all unusual for someone to feel this way, you may feel worried that the interactions will be awkward or intimidating, which can cause anxiety. These concerns are normal and learning about what to expect during a COACHD Counselling session is one way to prepare yourself and reduce any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

An expert COACHD Counsellor will help you navigate life’s challenges and provide specialised care in many areas. For example, if you need assistance with relationship problems, in your job, or if you have a substance abuse problem, your COACHD professional has training and experience in these specific areas. You do not have to have a diagnosed mental health condition to benefit from seeing a COACHD Counsellor. Instead, many of our clients seek help because they face a difficult life challenge and want to benefit from our professional guidance and support.

Rapport is vital to a successful counselling experience. As such your COACHD Counsellor will first spend the time to get to know you, it's important to determine whether we're a good fit for each other. Your COACHD counsellor will offer you the reassurance that you will receive the very best treatment, emotional support, and objective feedback, always in a non-judgmental way.

During your first session, your COACHD Counsellor will review your Intake Forms and ask questions about your life and background. These questions will include topics such as your occupation (past or present), your family background, academic experience, interests, challenges, psychological and physiological issues and what you most want to achieve from your counselling sessions. Aside from these questions, we will discuss your current situation and circumstances in depth. Questions about your relationships will come up, and all your answers will help us understand and support you better.

Questioning is necessary for your COACHD Counsellor to get to know you better, make their initial assessment, and plan how best to help you. Initial conversations are often more about discovering the concerns that have led you to seek our support, rather than jumping into more profound issues. If you don’t feel noticeably different or better after your first COACHD Counselling session, it does not indicate that you will not have a successful treatment, far from it, your transformational journey has only just begun.

Our trained mental health professionals see clients with all types of mental health challenges every day and work with their clients at a pace that matches the client's comfort levels and needs. Your COACHD Counsellor will discuss your issues, challenges, and symptoms in detail before advising how they would like to structure future sessions. Open and honest dialogue between yourself and your COACHD Counsellor is vital to determining the optimal treatment and recovery strategy for you.

COACHD Counselling can be applied to both individual and group settings. Small or large group sessions, workshops or speaking engagements can create powerful shifts that impact the performance and well-being of participants.

Generally, we recommend a minimum age of 6 years old for COACHD Counselling but are happy to discuss this with the parent or legal guardian. There is no maximum age for COACHD Counselling.

For more information about COACHD Counselling packages and pricing, please contact us via our Contact Page or schedule a FREE Consultation Call.