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Frequently Asked Questions About Combined

We recognise our client's initial breakthroughs as being part of a bigger transformational picture. Having addressed the client’s initial, most profound issue, they are free to move forward in many aspects of their lives, including health, mobility, travel, relationships, education, career, business, entrepreneurship, money and so much more. As liberating as this is for our clients, it can also raise further challenges and other issues that can require further support.

COACHD Combined is not a prescriptive process and does not confine itself to any one method of treatment. A skilled COACHD professional will assess your current needs and circumstances and help you transform any existing issues, blockages, and barriers, both psychological and physiological, before supporting the next stage of your transformation.

Let's look at an example of COACHD Combined in action. Following a breakthrough in a client's confidence issues using a therapeutic approach such as Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), the client decides to pursue a career ambition they had previously felt was unavailable to them. This pursuit raises further practical concerns around the process involved and their role in the process, as well as other emotional issues that are slowing or blocking the client's progress. Recognising this the COACHD professional tutors the client using skills training normally reserved for our Coach Method Coaching™ programme and conducts additional RTT® sessions to address the newly emerging emotional issues, beliefs, and barriers. Over time and at various intervals, the COACHD professional also sees a need to support the client with Hypnotherapy and Guided Mediation sessions, along with a variety of Talk Therapies more often experienced in our powerful COACHD Counselling sessions. This continued, real-time approach to observation and intervention ensures that the client keeps moving forward, confidently, and consistently towards their goals.

COACHD Combined is a veritable 'pick and mix' of the most effective coaching and counselling principles and the most effective principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience. COACHD Combined support leaves no stone unturned while working with a client's transformation, massively increasing their chance of becoming the person they most want to be and living the life they most want to live.

COACHD Combined is for anyone who is 100% ready to stop suffering from the same blocks, challenges, pain, and fear that keeps them from creating a successful and fulfilling life. If you're looking for longer-term support and a broad spectrum of modern, results-oriented therapies and services that will change how you think, feel and act, so that you can finally achieve the life you’ve wished for, then COACHD Combined is for you!

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COACHD Combined will provide you with a broad array of support that can help you overcome life's emerging challenges. We developed COACHD Combined to keep our clients moving forward, confidently, and consistently towards their current and future goals while overcoming the obstacles and barriers that they are certain to face along the way.

As a COACHD Combined client, you will receive one-to-one support from one of our most senior members, highly trained and experienced in all aspects of COACHD services. During your time on the COACH Combined programme, your COACHD representative will act as Therapist, Coach, Counsellor, Mentor, and friend, empowering and encouraging you to become the person you most want to be.

Every COACHD Combined relationship is different, but you will almost certainly have goals and challenges you want to prioritise early on. During your initial session, a COACHD Combined professional will discuss your background, life goals and circumstances, and explore your key focus areas and any barriers to achieving your goals. They will also review your Intake Forms and ask questions about your life and background. These questions will include your occupation (past or present), family background, academic experience, interests, challenges, psychological and physiological issues and what you most want to achieve from your sessions. Aside from these questions, they will discuss your current situation and circumstances in depth. Questions about your relationships will also come up, and all your answers will help us understand and support you better.

Questioning is necessary for your COACHD Combined professional to get to know you better, make their initial assessment, and plan how best to help you. Initial conversations are often more about discovering the concerns that have led you to seek our support, rather than jumping into more profound issues. If you don’t feel noticeably different or better after your first COACHD Combined session, it does not indicate that you will not have a successful treatment, far from it, your transformational journey has only just begun.

Our trained professionals support clients with all types of challenges, many of which include mental health issues, and work with each client at a pace that matches the client's comfort levels and needs. Your COACHD Combined professional will discuss your issues, challenges, and symptoms in detail before advising how they would like to structure future sessions. Open and honest dialogue between yourself and your COACHD Combined professional is vital to determining the optimal strategy for you.

Following your initial session, it is common for COACHD Combined professionals to recommend one or more sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) and Hypnotherapy, as this allows them to transform your most damaging and obstructive issues before moving you forward in other areas.

COACHD Combined can be applied to both individual and group settings. Small or large group sessions, workshops or speaking engagements can create powerful shifts that impact the performance and well-being of participants.

We generally reserve COACHD Combined support for adults of independent age, but we are happy to discuss this with the parent or legal guardian of someone younger than 18 years of age if they feel it is appropriate to support the individual. There is no maximum age for COACHD Combined.

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